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7 Step Guide: How to set-up a remote mathematics classroom

More than multiple choice

Students can show their work and get scaffolded hints and video lessons along the way, no matter how they solve the problem.

Share lessons with students

Access our standards-aligned lessons which include videos and hands-on GeoGebra applets. Share these lessons directly with students.

Encourage self-directed learning

Three core elements of Mathspace encourage self-directed learning. These include our mastery-based platform which focuses on knowledge, not grades; our real-time step-by-step feedback; and personal record tracking for students to keep tabs on what they have learnt.

Monitor effort and progress

Teachers can access a range of student and class reports, including a live student report which shows which students are active and working. Teachers can also see students’ progress, and can tailor lessons.

A simple guide to running a remote math classroom

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