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Mathspace is an all-in-one learning resource, wherever you are

We bring all of your learning tools together in one place, from video lessons, textbooks, to adaptive practice. Encourage your students to become self-directed learners.

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Helpful resources for blended learning

Webinar (45 mins)
From our students’ perspective: Making the transition to virtual learning
Webinar (60 mins)
Caring for the whole student and diminishing isolation in online learning
Webinar (60 mins)
Our 3 top tools for the remote mathematics class: Mathspace, Slack & Zoom
Webinar (45 mins)
A simple guide to running a remote maths classroom
7 Step Guide
How to run a remote maths classroom
5 ways to build community whilst students are learning from home
60 mins
Flipping the Classroom to Build 21st Century Skills

Why we're different

An adaptive maths platform with a real difference

Challenge high achievers, support those who struggle and empower your students.

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Personalised Learning

Our adaptive learning technology provides highly individualised learning paths for each student

Real-time Student Data

Teachers unlock real-time insights into how students are progressing, and which students need assistance

Step-by-step Feedback

Students get scaffolded hints and video lessons as they work, no matter which way they solve a problem

How will I benefit as a Maths teacher?

As a maths teacher you're committed to helping your students excel in maths and we created Mathspace to help you do that

Identify struggling students

Comprehensive student reports

Monitor students' performance

Progress reports
Actionable insights
Real-time activity reports

Set tasks in advance

Task Templates
Assignable tasks from reports

Spend less time marking

Automated marking at every step
It makes the ideal real! I can differentiate effectively and I can support students to drive their own learning. This ultimately helps to build intrinsic motivation towards maths
Lauren Borschmann, Xavier College Burke Hall, VIC
Why students love Mathspace
Many students get anxious about getting their maths answers wrong. We created Mathspace to show students there’s a different way. By giving step-by-step support, students feel safe to make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately develop a growth mindset

Build confidence

Adaptive technology that tailors content to where students are at

Get instant feedback

Progress ticks to show students that they’re on track

Get step-by-step support

Hints and next step support at every step of the solution

Watch video tutorials

14,000+ video lessons created by math teachers

I love how it teaches you with videos and hints to help you think. It is a great tool to help you learn fast and efficiently
Student from Hunter School of Performing Arts, NSW
Mathspace by numbers




Interactive questions


Digital textbooks


Step-by-step hints

Teach with Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo is a YouTube sensation who has inspired millions of maths students around the world. We’ve teamed up to give you free access to his maths videos, all mapped to your curriculum with Mathspace.

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