The right help, at the right time, for everyone

Real results with the most powerful adaptive learning technology for mathematics

Why Mathspace?

  • Support at every step for truly personalised learning

    Students receive immediate and personalised feedback at every step, giving a one-to-one learning experience.

  • Everything a textbook does and more

    Created by maths teachers and curriculum experts, our interactive textbooks will engage every learner.

  • Tools to assess effortlessly and continuously

    Diagnostic check-ins with AI-powered recommendations and adaptive paths give teachers and students the power to measure growth.

For Teachers

Purpose-built for teaching and learning maths

Maths is different to other subjects. We understand that, which is why we have built our adaptive engine specifically for mathematics. Mathspace includes comprehensive curriculum-aligned content, personalised questions with step level adaptivity and diagnostic check-ins to continuously assess growth.

"Mathspace has become an invaluable resource for my school. My students enjoy learning through Mathspace because it provides immediate feedback and empowers them to have a greater role in improving their understanding."

Marcel van Otterdyk
Strathmore Secondary College
For Students

Build your understanding, get real results

Research shows that we learn better with one-to-one support. That’s why we’ve built lots of personalised support into Mathspace. With hints, video support and immediate feedback, it’s like your own digital tutor. Make mistakes, learn from them, and track your learning as you discover new skills.

"I love how it teaches you with videos and hints to help you think. It is a great tool to help you learn fast and efficiently."

Hunter School of Performing Arts
For Parents

Everyone can be a ‘maths person.’ Help your child to see their own potential

Encourage your child to become a self-directed learner. With Mathspace, they can practise what they’re learning at school and get personalised support in topics they might find challenging.

"My two daughters have been members of Mathspace for several years. Mathspace has been an amazing resource in helping them learn and enjoy Mathematics. The ability to progress into harder concepts with support from instructional video clips has assisted both of my girls to be well ahead at school."

D.W., New South Wales Australia

It’s fun to teach and learn with Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo is a YouTube sensation who has inspired millions of maths students around the world. We’ve teamed up to give you free access to his maths videos, all mapped to your curriculum with Mathspace.