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Why Mathspace?
We created Mathspace to give every student step-by-step learning and instantaneous feedback, making it just like a personal tutor. Our technology can identify your strengths and learning gaps, giving you completely personalised maths help with interactive practice questions, step-by-step feedback, and video lessons.
How does Mathspace work?
For Students
For Teachers
Revise your school lessons, anytime and anywhere, with our in-built textbook aligned to your curriculum.
Get step-by-step support as you practice. If you ever get stuck on a question, you can access helpful hints, next steps and video tutorials.
Use Mathspace to monitor your progress. Easily check how your maths skills are improving.
Works on many devices
Including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and more.
Free online maths education, thanks to Westpac
Get our interactive maths textbook, Mathspace Essentials, free thanks to Westpac. Refresh on any maths topic, try interactive questions, and see maths brought to life!
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