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Sometimes you just need a hint to get the question done. Other times you might need a full refresh on how to tackle a problem. Whatever support you need, Mathspace has it at the exact moment you need it. Relevant, and timely, every step of the way.

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You don’t have to wait for the end of year test to measure what you know and what you don’t know. Quickly identify your strengths, focus on your gaps, with regular skills check-ins.

The Results

Correlation between weekly Mathspace usage and likelihood of proficiency


Increase in likelihood of math proficiency

For all students


Increase in likelihood of math proficiency

For non-proficient students in the previous year

This independent study of 94,000 students showed that the more students uses Mathspace, the greater the increase in likelihood of proficiency.

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What do learners say?

“I am really enjoying Mathspace... I love that it can give you hints when you are really stuck. The bit at the end when it gives you the score is the best because you can see where you went wrong and how to fix it.”


“I liked that I could use a video walkthrough when I was stuck on a question. I like being able to find a similar problem so that I could make sure I knew the material. It was quick and easy to learn.”


"I love how it teaches you with videos and hints to help you think. It is a great tool to help you learn fast and efficiently."