Our Mission

Every student can excel at math with the right help at the right time

We built Mathspace over a decade ago with the vision of using technology to replicate the benefits of one-to-one teaching. Our step-by-step support helps students at the exact moment of misconception, helping them to learn and ultimately develop a growth mindset.


We strive for excellence, with a strong passion for improving math education at our core. We believe in the Mathspace mission - that any student can excel at math with the right help at the right time.


We work to create high-quality features and products that bring benefits and add value for our users. We innovate and lead in the field of math education technology.


We support one another and work as a whole, rather than the individual. We share knowledge, insights, and skills to help each other grow.

Continuous Improvement

Learning never stops. We constantly learn from each other as a team, and from our users. Our products are brought to life through a continuous cycle of ideation, experimentation, feedback and refinement.


We listen and put the needs of our users first. Through constant communication and collaboration with our teaching community, we aim to support our users where we can, to make their lives easier.

We condemn racism and support those fighting for justice.

Mathspace is an Australian company, and we have been supporting educators and students in the United States for several years. We know in Australia and the United States there is a long history of racism towards Aboriginal People, African Americans, and other Indigenous peoples and people of color. Beyond slavery, colonization, and exclusionary immigration policies, racism still exists in the systems and institutions that form the basis of our societies today. We are appalled at the recent and historic cases of unarmed Black people being killed by police officers. As a company, we condemn racism in all forms, and recognize that good intentions are no longer enough. At Mathspace we want our product to promote anti-racism in the mathematics classroom, and provide a curriculum that supports the mathematical success of Black students.

We know that there is much work to be done in the educational technology community around equity and social justice. We must do better by our Black students and educators.

Although education technology companies intend to increase accessibility and equity for all, we know that ed-tech has created a wider gap for some students and schools. The digital divide was all too apparent when COVID-19 caused school shutdowns and many students did not have access to the internet or devices to learn from home. We are recommitting to our mission statement - to be the right help at the right time for EVERY student. In particular, we want to improve the ways we support Black students, who are disproportionately affected by the digital divide. We also recognize the value that Black educators add to the mathematics community, and we are committed to doing more to support them and make sure their voice is represented in our products.

We are doing the work of listening and learning to show up in more ways for Black students, teachers, friends, family, and communities.

We are not where we want to be yet, but we are committed to educating ourselves and prioritizing anti-racism and equity in our company practices and in our product. We are reviewing our own internal practices and developing a plan to improve the way we embed equity and inclusion in our products, starting with the formation of a global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. We know the power of mathematics in our own lives and we want to make sure that Black students are empowered to experience mathematics in all of its beauty. In future iterations of our product, we promise to better include the voices and experiences of Black students and other minority traditionally under-served groups directly in our content. Additionally, we are committed to actively recruiting through job boards and listings geared towards Black and other minority candidates.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We invite our partners at schools and districts to join us on our journey towards building a more equitable world, and to hold us accountable as we grow and learn as a company and as individuals. We value your input and feedback as we strive to do better.


We know that there is much work to be done in the educational technology community around equity and social justice. We must do better by our Black students and educators...

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Leadership and team

It is our vision at Mathspace to be an all-in-one resource that helps teachers teach and students learn.

Our global team consists of curriculum experts and content specialists who have created the most comprehensive standards-aligned online textbook materials on the market, designers and engineers who brought these materials to life through interactivity and adaptive learning smarts, and experienced educators who liaise and work together with our teaching community in shaping and continuously improving our product development.

Mohamad Jebara


We started Mathspace because we believe every student can excel at Mathematics with the right help at the right time. Our mission is to be that right help at the right time.

We do that by leveraging the best in technology to meet students where they are at and at the same time giving teachers the data insights to help them move away from a one-size fits all classroom to one that is highly personalized for each student.

Alvin Savoy


Through an early interest in programming, I was fortunate to have an experience with math that was interactive and engaging. Mathspace was the perfect opportunity for us to share our passion with students around the world.

Chris Velis


What I love most about Mathspace is seeing the amazing team we have now in action, delivering on the vision of personalized learning at scale, and seeing the improvements that they are constantly adding to the product - knowing how much of a positive impact to learning outcomes Mathspace is making for students today at a global level gives me a real kick!