Digital Tutor for Home

Get your own Mathspace student account at home, and get the benefits of step-by-step support as you learn.

It's like having a personal tutor sit next to you!

How much does it cost?

We don’t usually sell Mathspace for at home purchase, however we have extended this offer to December 2021 so that parents and students are supported. Full Mathspace student access for individual home learners is priced differently depending on when you join Mathspace:

  • Jan - Mar: $99
  • Apr - Jun: $74
  • Jul - Sep: $49
  • Oct - Dec: $24

We're here to support you

With schools closing across the globe, it's important to equip parents and students with the best tools for at home learning.

Step-by-step support

Personalized learning

Video lessons made by math teachers

Interactive textbooks


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to:

  • Standards-aligned interactive textbooks for all grades from 3-12, with lessons, Geogebra applets, example questions and video explanations
  • Over 60,000 practice questions with support functions including immediate feedback, hints and video demonstrations
  • Self-starter adaptive tasks for every subtopic, which automatically adjusts the difficulty of the questions to meet your child’s level (also includes support functions)

All content is accessible through their account once they log in to Mathspace. Once you purchase a home learners account, you get access to all content for all grades from 3-12. Your child can toggle between textbooks for different grades to work at a level that is appropriate for them.

At the moment, we are only offering the Home Learners subscription in 2021. Your subscription will start immediately when your account is set up, and end on December 31st, 2021.

Yes, whether your child is trying out an example question in a lesson or working through a self-started adaptive task, they receive immediate feedback at every step of every math problem in Mathspace - it’s like having a tutor helping them through every step of the way!

All adaptive tasks are automatically graded and recorded, so that your child can see their results at the end of the task, allowing them to go back to each question within the task to review their working out process.

Mathspace will also make topic recommendations based on the work your child has been doing to help guide them through the work.

Yes, you can purchase separate subscriptions for as many children as you’d like. However, each account will need a unique email address. If your children do not have personal email addresses, you can use their school emails to distinguish between them.

You can add your email to the ‘Parents & Guardians’ section of your child’s account to receive weekly emails about their progress in Mathspace.

If you have more than one child subscribed to the Mathspace home learners account, you can use the same parent email to receive the progress summary emails for your children all at once. To add or update the email, go to the account settings page in your child’s Mathspace account.

If you want to see your child’s work in more detail, you can log into their account to review their tasks.

No, you don’t need to purchase a home learners subscription if your child already uses Mathspace at their school. If you’d like to receive updates on your child’s progress in Mathspace, you can add your email to the ‘Parents & Guardians’ section of your child’s school account.

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