Everyone can be a math person. Help your child to uncover their potential.

Encourage your child to become a self-directed learner. With Mathspace, they can practice what they’re learning at school and get personalized support - for free!

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Engaging content in a fun and interactive format

Your child can immerse themselves in our library of standards-aligned textbooks. All interactive, with videos and worked examples, this is an easy way to refresh on what they are learning at school.

Personalized learning recommendations for your child

With regular skills check-ins, our smart learning engine will be able to identify knowledge gaps and make the best recommendations for what to learn next. What’s unique is that these recommendations can be made at every step, every question and at a curriculum level too.

An easy way to monitor your child's learning

You don’t have to wait for the end of year report card to see your child's growth. By doing regular check-ins you and your child can easily monitor progress and can identify areas where help might be needed.

The results

Correlation between weekly Mathspace usage and likelihood of proficiency


Increase in likelihood of math proficiency

For all students


Increase in likelihood of math proficiency

For non-proficient students in the previous year

This independent study of 94,000 students showed that the more students uses Mathspace, the greater the increase in likelihood of proficiency.

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What do parents say?

“My two daughters have been members of Mathspace for several years. Mathspace has been an amazing resource in helping them learn and enjoy Mathematics. The ability to progress into harder concepts with support from instructional video clips has assisted both of my girls to be well ahead at school."



“I can't believe this program is available for free! My children and I love this program so much I would be willing to pay for this if I had to. The program includes an interactive textbook with worked examples, video tutorials and video worked examples, as a homeschool parent this takes the pressure off of me to prepare and teach a lesson which would take hours of pre-study because I am not a math teacher. The team is extremely responsive and willing to help with technical issues and questions about the program."

Liz C.

Homeschooling Parent