Teaching maths is unlike teaching any other subject.
We know that.

The most powerful adaptive learning engine coupled with curriculum-aligned content, focused on mathematics best practice.

Textbooks made
for the 21st Century

Learn more about our new print textbooks for the Version 9.0 Australian Curriculum, NSW 2024 Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum 2.0.

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Support students at every step, no matter how they solve a maths problem

Every maths problem has lots of possible solution paths. With our StepSmart technology, students get adaptive and context sensitive support at every step. Teachers get this step level data and can help students in class when they identify misconceptions.

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Make maths assessment quick, personal and continuous

Assess students in just 10 minutes every week with regular diagnostic check-ins. These are tailored to your students’ learning focus, providing a low stakes method to track performance and growth. Get a map of student skills and gaps.

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Engage all learners with rich mathematics content

Explore our library of curriculum-aligned interactive textbooks, engage students with collaborative, open activities while maintaining pen and paper practice with our worksheets.

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Tech that saves time, and works the way you work

Every teacher works differently and we support every teacher. Customise your own tasks or use our adaptive tasks. Save templates for the future or to share with colleagues. Reduce admin work with our automatic marking on all tasks.

Data which supports you, and doesn’t overload

Our mission is to be the right help at the right time - that’s for teachers too! From high-level insight reports, through to in-depth student reports, focus on the key takeaways or completely immerse yourself in the data, it’s up to you.

Our Impact

Correlation between weekly Mathspace usage and likelihood of proficiency


Increase in likelihood of maths proficiency

For all students


Increase in likelihood of maths proficiency

For non-proficient students in the previous year

This independent study of 94,000 students showed that the more students uses Mathspace, the greater the increase in likelihood of proficiency.

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What do teachers say?

Tradition meets Innovation

"It has chipped away at my reluctance to include technology. This platform appeals to my desire of professional and academic excellence."

David Strutt

Maths Teacher, The King's School

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Targeting student needs with Mathspace Reports

"Being able to open up Mathspace and in the space of about 5 minutes get a comprehensive summary of not only how the students are doing, but how the class is going as a whole, makes it so easy for me to take that information and use it the next period.”

Briana Rutter

Maths Teacher

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How Mathspace has helped to improve student confidence at Sacred Heart College

"Initially, students were against Mathspace because of the online nature. But now students really value the support within Mathspace. It has helped many students to become independent learners and extra hands in the classroom.”

Jamie Walker

Maths Teacher and Year 7 Leader

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Research underpins our learning model

The research of Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem shows that the average student taught one-on-one outperforms 98% of their peers. Mathspace replicates this using 3 layers of adaptive learning. Our highly personalised learning pathways are then paired with rich content and activities to create a collaborative classroom environment, delivering real results.