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The process in mathematics is just as important as the final answer.

Our award-winning technology gives students help at the exact moment of misconception, encouraging productive struggle and a growth mindset.

Our detailed data and unparalleled insights into student learning also helps teachers work smarter, so that they can spend their time effectively doing what they do best: building relationships with students and helping them achieve their full potential.

What Mathspace offers

Interactive digital textbooks

Our digital textbook library provides instructional lessons for grades 3-12, aligned to the Common Core and state standards. Students can explore topics and immerse themselves in video lessons and interactivity.

Adaptive learning technology

Our powerful adaptive learning engine can analyze student performance in real-time and adjust questions according to the individual student’s level and pace. These are known as our adaptive tasks.

Downloadable & printable worksheets

Whilst Mathspace is digital-first, we understand the importance of offline learning. Our textbooks include downloadable and printable worksheets which combine the power of modern interactive learning with the focus, rigor and offline accessibility of traditional textbooks.

Student support at every step

Students receive immediate feedback at every step of a question. Hints, instructional videos and textbook lessons are available on demand to provide intervention at the point of misconception for each question.

Quick task creation

Create your own tasks or choose question sets from our task templates. Identify questions that students struggled with and reassign them with one click. All tasks are automatically marked for students.

Real-time student data

Access whole class or individual student data to monitor engagement, growth and mastery whenever you need it. Easily identify knowledge gaps and use Mathspace insights to inform your instruction.

Live support and professional learning

Speak with our in-house customer success specialists at any time with our live chat feature and participate in our on-demand or live Professional Learning sessions to ensure you’re making the most of Mathspace tools.

Complete the loop with Waypoints

Pair Mathspace with Waypoints, our continuous assessment tool. This will give you a complete overview of your students’ mathematical growth.

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