See how this textbook-free school is using Mathspace

"My favorite part of Mathspace is the instantaneous feedback and the positive reinforcement that it gives students."
Sierra Voigt
Math Teacher
School Name:
Pennfield High School
School District, City, and State:
 Pennfield School District, Battle Creek, Michigan
School grades using Mathspace:
Grades 6 to 12
Device type:
Device policy:
Core or supplementary resource:
Core resource
Key Mathspace features used:
  • Textbook

  • Custom Tasks

  • Reports

Approach to education:
Learn through practice
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Sierra Voigt is a math teacher at Pennfield High School in Battle Creek, Michigan. Searching for alternatives to paper textbooks which become outdated quickly, their school piloted Mathspace in 2017.
At Pennfield High, teachers believe that students improve in math best with practice. Mathspace is used as a daily practice tool at Pennfield High, where teachers assign customized tasks for their students to work through after a new topic is introduced in class. Students are able to work through the questions on Mathspace with assistance available at hand through hints, videos, and step-by-step feedback.
Watch Sierra’s Teacher Story to learn more about her Mathspace journey, and how the teachers and students at Pennfield High School use Mathspace in their school.