Quick, accurate and continuous assessment

Assess students in just 10 minutes with regular formative check-ins. These are personalized to your students’ learning focus, providing a low stakes method of monitoring performance and growth.

How are our assessment tools different and effective?

Assess in just 10 minutes every week

Start each new topic with a short diagnostic check-in. Throughout the topic students do 10 minute formative check-ins to monitor their progress. All of the data is at your fingertips, helping to guide your instruction thorughout each topic.

Map student knowledge using AI power

How can we identify knowledge gaps efficiently and accurately? The key is our world class adaptive engine, which allows us to understand a student’s total knowledge state from a small sample of questions. For Common Core and Florida BEST standards, we have mapped all learning outcomes into a knowledge graph with pre-requisites. We use this to select the best outcomes to assess at each check-in.

Personalize recommendations for every student

Regular check-ins help to address learning gaps and identify learning opportunities, ensuring that 100% of knowledge across the standards is mastered. Personalized recommendations help teachers to support learners in need, and provide tailored work students who finish early in class.

How to get started free

It only takes a few clicks for your students to start their first check-in

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Create your free Mathspace class

Start by creating a free teacher account. Then you can invite students to sign up using your class code. Everyone can sign up from our website at mathspace.co

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Students do a diagnostic check-in

When students log in for the first time, they are prompted to complete a diagnostic check-in. This paints a picture of the student’s knowledge according to the standards. The diagnostic check-in is a bit longer than the weekly formative check-ins.

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Teachers see the results and set learning goals with students

Once your students complete the diagnostic check-in, you’ll have lots of great data insights on your dashboard. Use these insights to have conversations with students and set learning goals. You can also encourage self-directed learning on Mathspace.

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Make weekly formative check-ins part of the class routine

Try setting a routine of one formative check-in per week. These are short and generally only take 10 minutes. It’s a great way for both you and your students to stay on top of strengths and knowledge gaps. Regular check-ins also help Mathspace to give the best personalized learning recommendations.

Try freeTalk to sales

"I’ve found Diagnostic Check-ins to be great for identifying areas that students need additional work on. I have been able to use this to plan activities over the last couple of weeks. I have had students working through their check-ins aiming to improve their results which has been a great talking point. Overall, I have found that most students are engaging well in the program, with some even striving to improve and using their own initiative to complete Mathspace tasks for the skills they are struggling with."

Rebecca King

"Starting a lesson with a Diagnostic Check-in freed up my time to prep for the lesson itself. Many students also started using the outcome codes to practice skills for their gaps, all on their own!"

Jennifer Missen

Head of Mathematics at Radford College