Mathspace in a Special Ed Classroom

"When my students tried Mathspace, they really liked the step-by-step feedback. I've seen their confidence level go up... it was like having another teacher in the room."
Lesa Whitehead
Special Ed Math Teacher
School District, City, and State:
Alpine School District, Saratoga Springs, Utah
School grades using Mathspace:
Grades 9 - 12
Device type:
Device policy:
 Classroom Chromebook Carts
Core or supplementary resource:
Supplementary resource
Key Mathspace features used:
  • Adaptive Tasks

  • Task Templates

  • Reports

  • Textbook

Approach to education:
Using data to identify and eliminate knowledge gaps
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Lesa Whitehead is a special education math teacher for grades 10 to 12 in Saratoga Springs, Utah. As a special ed teacher, Lesa has to keep track of her students' progress, and identify the different areas in math to address in order to reduce knowledge gaps for each of her students. After interviewing her students to understand the kind of support they'd like in learning, Lesa actively sought out online math programs that could meet both the needs of her and her students. Watch Lesa's Teacher Story to learn more about how she uses Mathspace in her classroom.