Using Data to Differentiate

"I would really emphasize how adaptable it is for every kid. It helps differentiate, it really gives you a more personalized experience for each student, and it's also very customizable."
Cara Nestor
Math Teacher
School Name:
St Paul School 
School City, and State:
Westerville, Ohio
School grades using Mathspace:
Grades 5 and 6
Device type:
Device policy:
Core or supplementary resource:
Supplementary resource
Key Mathspace features used:
  • Custom Tasks

  • Adaptive Tasks

  • Task Templates

  • Reports

  • Textbook

Approach to education:
A focus on STEM, moving towards differentiated learning for all students
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Cara Nestor is a grade 5 and 6 math teacher at Saint Paul School in Westerville, Ohio.
Cara uses the data provided through Mathspace reports to see how her students are progressing, and to identify knowledge gaps. She values the insights as they give an indication of whether her tasks and assignments are at the right level of difficulty. Cara then uses these insights to customize tasks based on their understanding, and personalize learning for each student.
Watch Cara's Teacher Story to learn more about her Mathspace journey and how she uses Mathspace in her classroom.