Improving conceptual fluency in mathematics with Mathspace

"I think my students are getting better at doing math because they’re being asked deep questions on their homework practice as opposed to just rote procedural types of problems."
Ashley Ferraro
Math Teacher
School Name:
West Springfield High School 
School District, City, and State:
 Fairfax County Public Schools, Springfield, Virginia
School grades using Mathspace:
Grades 9 to 12
Device type:
Device policy:
Core or supplementary resource:
Supplementary resource
Key Mathspace features used:
  • Textbook

  • Custom Tasks

  • Reports

Approach to education:
Student-centered approach with a focus on improving conceptual fluency
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Ashley Ferraro is a math teacher at West Springfield High School in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Using a student-centered approach to teaching mathematics, Ashley focuses on getting her students to improve their conceptual fluency in mathematics by thinking critically for each question and understanding the why and how of the solving process, rather than repeating a procedure. Ashley uses Mathspace as the main tool for setting homework for her students to follow this approach. 
Watch Ashley’s Teacher Story to get some useful tips on using Mathspace, and learn more about her Mathspace journey.