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Introducing Weekly Insights

Quick and actionable insights showing which students need assistance and what you should focus on in class.

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Why use Weekly Insights?

Student activity snapshot

See how productive your students have been in and out of class based on the number of questions they've completed.

See which students need assistance

Get a list of your students that need some extra help to progress through a subtopic.

Questions to go through as a class

Get a recommendation list of the best questions for you to go through as a class, based on the questions students struggled with the most.

Top subtopics to address

Get a list of the top subtopics your students need help with. You can use these insights to tailor lessons or homework tasks.

See which students are excelling

Get a list of your top performing students who are excelling in three or more subtopics.

Smart technology, delivering even smarter insights

Our algorithms scan your class data from the past week for you and surface the most important information you should focus on each lesson.

Your personal teaching aid

Think of Weekly Insights as being your personal teaching aid, bringing the most important data from the last week together in one place.

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