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A fresh new look for your step-by-step experience makes learning mathematics that much more delightful.
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What's New
A new hint experience
Access hints for each step in a solution, and video walkthroughs for each question. Having access to help when you’re struggling is important to fostering a growth mindset. Best of all, you won’t be penalised for using these help options.
More than a progress bar
Click the new progress bar to navigate between questions in a task whilst remaining in the Workbook. You can use it to review questions you've previously attempted, or to skip questions when you get stuck.
Icons that tell you more
Our new working icons give more specific feedback about each step. You can now tell whether you’re on one of Mathspace’s solution paths, or travelling solo along your own solution path.
Track and celebrate progress
Your progress is now displayed at the end of each question in a task, and progress is worth celebrating! Leave us a thumbs up if you enjoyed a question, or suggest some improvements instead.
Mathspace for Students
We've redesigned our app to take full advantage of the New Workbook features. We've also made enhancements to our handwriting panel for a more natural writing experience.
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