The New Workbook is here
A fresh new look to make your step-by-step experience in learning mathematics that much more delightful.
iPad app coming soon
What's New
A new hint experience
Access hints for each step in a solution, and video walkthroughs for each question. Having access to help when you’re struggling is important to foster growth mindset. Students will not be penalised for using these help options.
More than a progress bar
Click on the new progress bar to navigate between questions in the set while still in the workbook. You can review questions you’ve done or even skip questions that you can’t do.
Icons that tell you more
Our new icons will help you to know which of your steps will have a specific hint.
Track and celebrate progress
We’ll let you know how much of your task is left at the end of every question, and celebrate along the way. Give us a thumbs up when you’re happy or a thumbs down when you’ve got something to say.
And, that's not all
We have more student features coming soon
STEM Stories
Get inspired with the STEM stories module which showcases stories from a diverse range of STEM heroes
New Avatar set
Choose from over 15 new avatars
iPad app
We have a new iPad app in the works featuring a fixup mode to help you edit your answer
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