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Engage your students with step-by-step adaptive learning

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You care about the steps, not just the final answer. We do too!

We want to put the focus back on learning for engagement, meaning and personal growth. That’s why we built Mathspace to support students every step of their working, with feedback, hints and suggestions. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts, and build strong growth mindsets. With Mathspace you can easily see how individual students are tracking and can pinpoint areas of struggle.

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Why is our technology unique
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How do we create our maths content

How does Mathspace work?

Adaptive learning technology
Our adaptive learning technology replicates the benefits of a one-to-one lesson by analysing student performance in real-time. We adapt questions and content to the individual’s level and pace.
Interactive digital textbook
Our digital textbook covers students from Years 3 to 12. With all content aligned to your curriculum, students can immerse themselves in any topic, watch video lessons, and learn through interactivity.
Real-time student data
Track overall class progress as well as individual student performance. Easily identify knowledge gaps and use insights to improve the focus of your classroom lessons.
Live chat support
Speak to our in-house teachers or technical team members anytime with Live Chat from your dashboard.
Works on many devices
Including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and more.
Real-time student progress data
Interactive textbook mapped to your curriculum
Live chat with our in-house teachers
Automated marking on student tasks
Sample papers and practice papers for national and state tests
Regular teacher PD training

Benefit from award-winning content and technology

We have received several prominent education awards from Bett, ISTE, ASU, GSV and the GESS Education Awards.

"Mathspace has become an invaluable resource for my school. My students enjoy learning through Mathspace because it provides immediate feedback and empowers them to have a greater role in improving their understanding."
Marcel van Otterdyk
Strathmore Secondary College
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