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Targeting student needs with Mathspace Reports

"Being able to open up Mathspace and in the space of about 5 minutes get a comprehensive summary of not only how the students are doing, but how the class is going as a whole, makes it so easy for me to take that information and use it the next period."
Briana Rutter
Maths Teacher

School Name: Meriden School

School sector: Non-government

School grades using Mathspace: Years 7 to 12

Device type: Laptops, Tablets, Phones

Device policy: 1:1

Primary or supplementary resource: Supplementary resource

Key Mathspace features used:

  • Custom Tasks

  • Adaptive Tasks

  • Teacher Reports

Approach to education: Teaching for understanding

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Briana Rutter is a maths teacher at Meriden School in Strathfield, NSW. At Meriden, teachers move away from a procedural approach and shift the focus on teaching for understanding.

Briana follows this approach by incorporating Mathspace adaptive tasks in her classroom, as they generate questions suited to the level of understanding of each individual student, taking each student on their personalised learning path. The teacher reports also provide Briana the most important information on how her students are progressing, which students need some extra help, and which areas her students find most difficult.

Watch Briana’s Teacher Story to learn more about her Mathspace journey, and how she and the rest of Meriden School uses Mathspace inside and out of their classrooms.

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