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What is Waypoints?
Standardised tests have long been disconnected from student learning. Students are left anxious and frustrated while teachers are left without timely, meaningful data to inform instruction.
So we’ve built Waypoints. It’s a web application that utilises smart AI-powered diagnostics to track student gaps and growth. Simple, unobtrusive and intelligent - you get the data you need on student performance, without needing to take time out of class.
What makes Waypoints unique?
Identify knowledge gaps
Teachers can identify individual student and whole-class knowledge gaps across curriculum outcomes, and make informed decisions to personalise learning pathways.
Outcomes Report
Growth Report
Track Growth
When students first start with Waypoints, we identify their grade level. After this initial assessment, students complete weekly check-ins and teachers gain access to continuous growth tracking across the complete Australian Curriculum.
Data you can trust, powered by the latest AI technology
The key to efficiency and accuracy is our world class adaptive engine, which allows us to understand a student’s total knowledge state with only a small sample of questions.
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We have a unique opportunity available to 100 schools to experience Waypoints before the official launch in 2021.
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What do teachers say?
Waypoints is accessible for all students. My students engaged with the straightforward manner of entering their solutions. Students found the information reflecting their growth motivating, helping them to target their efforts in their learning. As a teacher, the data from Waypoints allows me to quickly identify gaps in student's learning, gaps in our curriculum coverage across multiple classes, and strength areas that students have mastered and are ready to move on from.
Kylie Armstrong
Teacher: Mathematics, Psychology, Peer Support
Wantirna College
Waypoints allows me as a teacher to find specific gaps that students have, and more importantly find gaps that groups of students have, so that I can address them in class, and see students be able to access higher levels of the curriculum due to having fewer gaps. On the other hand, it also allows me to have another piece of information that supports my understanding of the wide range of levels within a class, and thus support being able to plan a differentiated curriculum so students at different levels can reach what I work with them on.
Juan David Ospina León
Director of Accountability and School Improvement
South Oakleigh College
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Built by the team behind leading maths platform, Mathspace
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Mohamad Jebara
More data is not what teachers need. Edtech is filled with applications that are data rich but information poor. With Waypoints the AI does the heavy lifting, wading through the data, leaving only the insights.
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Paulina Morrison Fell
Product Manager
One thing we’ve learnt over the years is that trying anything new in the classroom is a challenge. We made sure Waypoints would be intuitive for any student to pick up and start.
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Alvin Savoy
In the 10 years I’ve been involved in edtech, this is one of the most exciting applications of machine learning I’ve seen in education.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
We have mapped all of the standard outcomes into a knowledge graph with pre-requisites, and have created diagnostic questions for each outcome. Using an adaptive IRT algorithm powered with Machine Learning, we select the best outcomes to assess at each check-in based on the information we have for that student.
Why should I trust the results?
We’ve spent the last 12 months refining the models for a reasonably accurate diagnostic assessment from a cold start. But with machine learning, the more data we have the smarter the models get. We’ve been running trials with schools since mid-2020 and further tuning the algorithms based on their feedback. This pre-release will result in finer tuning as we gather more data and insights from early users.
How much does it cost?
RRP for students in 2021 is $10 per student, however we are offering special launch pricing for any school that commits to purchasing Waypoints next year. Minimum order size is 100 students. The cut off for this special offer is 1 December 2020.
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