With Milo, every student gets a personal tutor

Milo provides context-sensitive and mathematically accurate support for every student as they work through problems in the Mathspace workbook.

For a cake mix, the ratio of flour to sugar is 4:3. How much sugar is needed with 200g of flour?

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The personal tutor for every student

Milo is learning and getting smarter every day!

Help when you need it

Milo can support both expected and unexpected solution paths and identify how or why mistakes are made. So whenever and wherever students are stuck, they can get support from Milo.

Solve: 4x + 32

Get knowledge, not the answer

Unlike broad-use chatbots like ChatGPT, Milo’s programming ensures that he always provides appropriate support, in language students can understand, without giving away the answer.

2 + 5 × 3

Just like a real tutor

Student-tutor relationships are built on trust, so we’ve made sure that students can trust and relate to Milo. He’s focused on supporting the learning journey but he’s always keen to have a bit of fun along the way.

Solve: 5(3x + 2) = 3(x + 4)

Safety first

Our moderation policy automatically identifies profanity, hate, harassment, self-harm, sexual and violent content. Flagged conversations are reported to teachers and access to Milo can be revoked as required.

What teachers are saying

"The possibilities of AI inside the classroom are really exciting, and students are loving Milo, the Mathspace AI. The feature allows students to ask more specific questions to clarify understanding, rather than only receiving generic hints. It also allows less confident students to check their answer with no stakes before entering it, which has resulted in these students completing more questions and gaining better understanding of concepts. We can't wait to see how this feature continues to develop over time."

Amanda Bilney

Senior Teacher – Mathematics

Built on ten years of refinement

In 2012, the Mathspace founders had the vision to use technology to replicate the impact of working with a personal tutor for every student. In 2023, Milo is the culmination of more than ten years of improvements and the realisation of that vision.

Feedback given to students in the workbook


In 2012, Mathspace released a ground-breaking workbook experience, enabling students to show their working and get the method marked automatically online for the first time. The format remains unique to this day.

Hints in the Mathspace workbook


Every question written in Mathspace is created by expert mathematicians, who write the question, the solution(s), the expected steps along the way and hints to support students at every one of those expected steps.

The chat interface in Mathspace


Lessons, videos, worked examples, applets... The breadth and depth of support available in our workbook has come a long way since 2012. Milo pulls it all together to provide a single path to success.