Diagnostic Tools

See what grade level your students are at and get deeper insights into student performance with our range of diagnostic tools covering years 5 to 10.

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See where students are at and address knowledge gaps

See what grade level your students are at

Use the diagnostic as a pre-test to determine what grade level students are working at, and tailor upcoming lessons.

Measure your students' growth

Use the diagnostic as a post-test and measure your students’ growth from the pre-test.

Differentiate students in your class

Identify groups or individual students who may need intervention and those who are ready for extension.

Built by our team of engineers and curriculum experts

We use our knowledge graph and probabilistic models to create our diagnostic reports. You can get detailed information about student performance, accurately inferred from just one single test.

"The data will enable us to identify specific learning deficiencies at a cohort level, class level and at an individual student level. Amazing work Mathspace, well done"

Vicki Strid, Head of Mathematics
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School


Q. How does it work?

1. Pick one of the diagnostic test templates
2. Assign it to your students
3. Get the diagnostic report directly from your Mathspace results page the following day

Q. Are the diagnostic tools free to use?

The diagnostic tools and reports are free for all schools with an existing Mathspace subscription. If your school is not currently using Mathspace, contact us to get started with a free trial.

Q. Which year levels can I use the report for?

The diagnostic tests have been designed for years 5 through 10, but will cover material three grades down to identify gaps in prior knowledge.

Q. How many questions are in the diagnostic tests?

In the curriculum diagnostic tests there are between 40 to 50 questions. In the strand diagnostic tests, there are between 30 to 40 questions. The number of questions for both sets of diagnostic tests vary based on the year level.

Q. How much time should I set aside for a diagnostic test?

The recommended time will be indicated on each task template. For the curriculum level diagnostic test, you should set aside at least 60 minutes. For the strand level diagnostic tests, you should set aside 40 minutes. We suggest you allow extra time for students to complete the test if needed to get a more detailed breakdown of student knowledge.

Q. How quickly will I receive the diagnostic report?

The report will become available the day after you set the diagnostic test. You can access this report directly from the task results page.