Get deeper insights into student performance with our new Diagnostic Report by Mathspace Labs
  • See where students are at
  • Report on outcomes
  • Report on growth
Our new Diagnostic Report helps you to see where your students are at, report on outcomes and report on student growth.
We're starting with a Diagnostic Report specifically designed for your new Year 7 students. Get it free in February.
How does it work?
Click 'Get free access code'
Get the diagnostic test access code via email
Your students do the test
We'll send your school Diagnostic Report once they’ve finished the test
Why is it unique?
Start with our Diagnostic Test, which is made up of carefully designed questions by our in-house team of curriculum specialists, covering all outcomes from Grade 3 to 6.
We use our knowledge graph and probabilistic models to create the Diagnostic Report. It gives detailed information about student performance, accurately inferred from just one single test.
Track Growth
At the end of Term 2, we'll send you another Diagnostic Test. Once your students have completed this test, you will have a report on student growth over Term 1 and 2, giving you invaluable insights.
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"The fine grain nature of the report was overwhelming... The data will enable us to identify specific learning deficiencies at a cohort level, class level and at an individual student level. Amazing work Mathspace, well done"
Vicki Strid, Head of Mathematics
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls school
Q: Does my school have to buy Mathspace to access the report?
A: No, our diagnostic test and report are free while in Mathspace Labs. You just need to request an access code to receive the test. We'd appreciate your feedback as we look to develop further reporting tools.
Q: Which year levels can I use the report for?
A: We're launching with a diagnostic report for Year 7 only. Throughout the year we will release more diagnostic reports for other year levels.
Q: How long is the diagnostic test?
A: There are 52 questions on the test and we recommend 80 minutes for completing the test.
Q: How quickly will I receive the diagnostic report?
A: After your students have completed the test our servers will start crunching the numbers to generate your diagnostic report. You should receive a link to the report within 24 hours, but allow up to 3 days