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What is Waypoints?
What comes to mind when you hear the words “test” and “assessment”? For a long time, students have been left feeling anxious and frustrated from tests, while teachers have been left without timely, meaningful data to inform their lesson plans.
So, we’ve built Waypoints - the latest innovation in continuous assessment platforms. Utilizing adaptive, AI-powered diagnostics, it efficiently tracks student growth and identifies learning gaps, through casual, 10 minute, weekly check-ins. Simple, unobtrusive, and intelligent - teachers get the insights they need on student growth, without the stress of taking time out of class.
Waypoints officially launches in March 2021. But, we’re offering a limited number of early access spots for schools to try it out for free in January. Are you interested in being among the first in the nation to try Waypoints in their classrooms? If so, register today!
What makes Waypoints unique?
The right insights, all year round
Through detailed and easy-to-read reporting, teachers can access real-time insights identifying growth and knowledge-gaps at both the individual student and whole-class levels.
Outcomes Report
Growth Report
Engage and encourage students to take charge of their learning
Waypoints' short, weekly assessments help alleviate test anxiety and rewards students with “I can...” statements as they improve and master new skills. This helps to build confidence in their math identity and encourages them to seek additional mastery on their own.
Fast and efficient assessments
Our proprietary, adaptive AI engine allows Waypoints to accurately understand a student's total knowledge state with only a small sample of questions. The result: fast and efficient assessments that do not overwhelm teachers and students.
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Growth Report
Flexible, simple, and easy to use
Simple to set up and simple to use, Waypoints can be easily introduced into any classroom setting, and is flexible enough to use alongside any resource.
Be one of the first nationally to experience Waypoints
Don’t miss the chance to be among the first classrooms in the nation to experience Waypoints before its officially launched!
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What do teachers say?
Starting a lesson with Waypoints freed up my time to prep for the lesson itself. Many students also started using the outcome codes to actually go to Mathspace and practice skills for their gaps, all on their own!
Jennifer Missen
I’ve found Waypoints to be great for identifying areas that students need additional work on. I have been able to use this to plan activities over the last couple of weeks. I have had students working through their check-ins aiming to improve their results which has been a great talking point. Overall, I have found that most students are engaging well in the program, with some even striving to improve and using their own initiative to complete Mathspace tasks for the skills they are struggling with.
Rebecca King
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Built by the team behind the leading math platform, Mathspace
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Mohamad Jebara
More data is not what teachers need. Ed-tech is filled with applications that are data rich but information poor. With Waypoints the AI does the heavy lifting, wading through the data, leaving only the insights.
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Paulina Morrison Fell
Product Manager
One thing we’ve learnt over the years is that trying anything new in the classroom is a challenge. We made sure Waypoints would be intuitive for any student to pick up and start.
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Alvin Savoy
In the 10 years I’ve been involved in ed-tech, this is one of the most exciting applications of machine learning I’ve seen in education.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
We mapped all standard outcomes into a knowledge-graph, along with all associated pre-requisites, and have created diagnostic questions tailored to outcomes. Using an adaptive algorithm - based on Item Response Theory, and powered by our proprietary machine learning engine - we then select the best outcomes to assess at each check-in, based on the information we have for that student.
Why should I trust the results?
For the past 12 months, we have refined the models for a reasonably accurate diagnostic assessment from a cold start. But with machine learning, the more data we have, the smarter the models get. As such, we’ve been running trials with schools since mid-2020 and further tuning the algorithms based on their feedback. Our pre-launch event will result in additional fine tuning as we gather more data and insights from early users.
How much does it cost?
The suggested retail price in 2021 is $5 per student.
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