Materials ready in time for your crosswalk year

New materials aligned to both the 2016 and 2023 SOLs are now available free for all districts in Virginia. Register on behalf of your school or district to get access.

Our Existing Partners in Virginia

Fairfax County Public Schools

“From the start, Mathspace has collaborated with our team to develop our district’s vision for this adoption, and custom-built a multi-year professional learning program. Our goal together has been to use this adoption as an opportunity to shift instructional practice in the district - with their help, we believe Mathspace can be a big factor in this transformation.”

Jennifer Allard
Fairfax County Public Schools Mathematics Supervisor
Mathspace users since 2018

Frederick County Public Schools
Mathspace users since 2018
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Mathspace users since 2019

Support students at every step, no matter what solution path they choose

Every math question has lots of possible solution paths. With our StepSmart technology, students get adaptive and context sensitive support at every step. Teachers can review this step level data to help students in class when they identify misconceptions.

Track mastery against both 2016 and 2023 standards

Our Crosswalk Skills Book is aligned to both the 2016 and 2023 VA SOLs. Each standard is represented in the book with a specific set of practice problems allowing teachers to generate standards based reports and to identify and address specific skill gaps.

Digital & Print

The power of technology and the reliability of print

Traditional print textbooks often come with “digital access” but at Mathspace, we start with the digital product. We’ve built a powerful learning platform that leverages advances in modern technology like AI-powered adaptive pathways or step-by-step real time hints. We then take the core content from our digital product and distill it into a comprehensive print textbook.

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“Use of Mathspace is associated with improvement in the mathematics achievement”

Empirical Education concluded that there was evidence sufficient to award "ESSA Evidence Tier 3"

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