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Methods for Data Collection (Investigation)


Methods for Collecting Data

Data is factual information used for thinking, discussing and calculating.  You can collect this data in a variety of ways, such as observing or surveying people to answer a specific question.  In this activity, we will explore what makes good data and some ways we can collect that data to help inform our decisions.


Students will understand data and different ways data can be collected.


Have a think about the following questions. 

  • What is data?  Organize your thoughts using the Frayer Model below.



  • Below is a list of different methods of data collection.  Draw a line to match each method with its sample question(s).

  • Write 3 questions you could collect data to help answer.  Describe the collection method that would work best and why.



What method of collecting data didn't you write a question for?  Why not?  Can you think of a question you could ask that would require that method of data collection?

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