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Effective Data Displays I


Types of graphs

There are several ways we can display data and the one we use is not always the same. Some of the graphs we have seen include:

  • tables
  • pie charts
  • column graphs
  • pictographs

In Video 1, we will look at each of these types of graphs and work out which one might be the most useful for the data we are looking at.


Things to consider

The type of graph that's best depends on what we are looking for in the data. Sometimes we might be interested in seeing if there are any patterns in our data, or if there are any particular times that stand out. In Video 2, we'll look at some different scenarios and think about which graph(s) might be the most appropriate to use. 


There are different types of graphs and sometimes more than one might be useful.

To really know for sure, think about what you want to find out from your data and see if your chosen graph is best for that.


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