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Stage 4 - Stage 5

Solve polynomial inequalities

Interactive practice questions

We want to find the x-values that satisfy the inequality$\left(x-3\right)\left(x-2\right)<0$(x3)(x2)<0.


Find the $x$x-values of the $x$x-intercepts of the curve described by $y=\left(x-3\right)\left(x-2\right)$y=(x3)(x2).

Write both answers on the same line separated by commas.


Find the $y$y-value of the $y$y-intercept of the curve.


Hence plot the curve for $y=\left(x-3\right)\left(x-2\right)$y=(x3)(x2).

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Hence solve the inequality $\left(x-3\right)\left(x-2\right)<0$(x3)(x2)<0.

Approx 7 minutes

We want to solve $x^2-x-2>0$x2x2>0 by plotting the associated parabola $y=x^2-x-2$y=x2x2.

We want to solve $-x^2+2x+3\le0$x2+2x+30 by first plotting the associated parabola $y=-x^2+2x+3$y=x2+2x+3.

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