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Creating Inequalities with 2 Variables

Interactive practice questions

In an office building, an elevator has a maximum carrying capacity of $12750$12750 pounds. This is based on an average female's weight of $150$150 pounds and an average male's weight of $170$170 pounds.

Let $x$x represent the number of women who enter the elevator.

Let $y$y represent the number of men who enter the elevator.

Write an inequality to represent the number of men and women who can enter the elevator at one time, with $y$y as the subject.


In the new basketball season, Neil is looking to beat his personal best of scoring $90$90 points in total for the whole season (this does not include points from fouls).


Rochelle is being careful with her spending so she can later purchase a house. She has allocated no more than $\$855$$855 each month for both travel expenses and eating out. On average, every time she eats out it costs $\$19$$19, and every travel journey costs $\$9$$9.


Roxanne has set aside $\$14.00$$14.00 in her shopping budget for fruit this week. Currently, oranges are on sale for $\$1.40$$1.40 each, while apples are on sale for $\$1.75$$1.75 each.

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