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Problems with Systems of Inequalities in 2 Variables

Interactive practice questions

An airline is checking passengers into two flights, A and B, simultaneously. Due to passenger numbers, there must be at least $10$10 staff at check-in for flight A and at least $7$7 staff at check-in for flight B. Since there must be staff on hand for other services, the airline can only allocate at most $23$23 staff for check-in of both flights.


Let $x$x and $y$y represent the number of staff attending check-in of flights A and B respectively.

Fill in the gaps to complete the system of inequalities.

$x$x $\ge$ $\editable{}$

$y$y $\ge$ $\editable{}$

$x+y$x+y $\le$ $\editable{}$


Graph the system of inequalities.

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If $14$14 staff are allocated to checking in passengers of flight A, what is the maximum number of staff that can be allocated to checking in passengers of flight B?


Roald has $24$24 inches of leftover wood that he is trying to make a rectangular photo frame out of.


Applicants for a particular university are asked to sit a numeracy test and verbal reasoning test. Successful applicants must obtain a minimum score of $17$17 on a numeracy test and a minimum combined score of $37$37 for both tests.


There are $x$x surfers competing for wildcard entry into a pro-surfing competition, of which Joanne is one. She needs her total score from all judges, $y$y, to be at least $35$35 in order to be chosen as a wildcard entry. The total score possible from all judges is at most $50$50.

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