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Mixed Unit Conversions



We've learned about volume and capacity. Even though they are very closely linked, they are slightly different.

  • Volume is the amount of space a 3D object takes up.
  • Capacity is the amount a container can hold.



Handy Conversions
Volume   Capacity
$1$1 cm3 $=$= $1$1 mL
$1000$1000 cm3 $=$= $1$1 L
$1$1 m3 $=$= $1000$1000 L
$1$1 m3 $=$= $1$1 kL


When you're converting between volume and capacity, just think which unit of measurement there will be more of to work out whether you need to multiply or divide. For example,

  • if I'm converting from cubic centimetres to litres, I will need to divide because there are $1000$1000 cm3 in $1$1 L. 
  • if I'm converting from cubic metres to litres, I will need to multiply because there are $1$1 m3 is equivalent to $1000$1000 L.

  • if I'm converting from kilolitres to cubic metres, I don't need to change anything! That's because $1$1 kL is equivalent to $1$1 m3.


Worked Examples

Question 1

Convert $6750$6750 cubic centimetres (cm3) to litres (L).


Question 2

Convert $8100$8100 litres (L) to cubic metres (m3).

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