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Measure mass of objects



Mass is one of the measurements that allows us to work out how heavy or light things are. In everyday life, there are many things where we need to know, or approximate, the mass of an object or living thing. Sometimes we don't have a way to measure something but we can still make an estimation of the mass.

Some common units of mass are:

  • milligrams (mg) for very light things
  • grams (g) 
  • kilograms (kg) for heavy things

In Video 1, we'll look at some common objects and think about which units of measurement would we useful to use for these objects. You might want to think about some everyday objects and what their mass might be.


Adding it all up

Now we're going to look at how to work out much something weighs when we have several items. 


Worked Examples

Question 1

Choose the best estimate for the mass of a baby.

  1. $45$45 kg


    $95$95 kg


    $25$25 kg


    $2$2 kg


Question 2

$100$100 g of flour was measured and placed into a bowl in preparation for the cooking of a cake. $50$50 g of sugar and $200$200 g of coconut were then added. What is the total mass of ingredients in the bowl?

Question 3

A wheelbarrow is being used to carry pavers from one side of the yard to the other. $6$6 pavers, each with a mass of $2$2 kg, are put in the wheelbarrow. What is the total mass of pavers in the wheelbarrow?

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