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Measure, estimate, order and compare temperature


Temperature is used to measure how hot or cold something is. We use Degrees Celsius as our measurement.

at $0^\circ$0°C water will freeze. This is called freezing point. At $100^\circ$100°C water will boil into steam. This is called boiling point.

The video below will help you learn how to tell which temperature is hotter or colder, how to order from coldest to hottest, and how to read temperature on a thermometer.


Worked Examples

Question 1

Choose the warmer temperature.

  1. $25$25 °C


    $26$26 °C


Question 2

Write these temperatures in order from hottest to coldest, separating each with a comma.

$42^\circ$42°, $45^\circ$45°, $40^\circ$40°

Question 3

What temperature is shown on the thermometer?

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