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Centre or Spread ?

Interactive practice questions

The two dot plots below represent the scores of students from two classes in the most recent grade test.



Without performing any calculations, which class has the greater MAD?

Class A


Class B


If a student scored below their class average, in which class would they prefer to be?

Class A


Class B

Less than a minute

Consider the distribution of the data presented in this histogram.

Which of the following statements is true?

In an entrance exam, applicants completed two papers.

On average, students performed better in Paper $1$1, but their marks were less spread out from the mean in Paper $2$2. The MAD of Paper $2$2 could be:

Concerned that his heart rate was irregular, Derek’s doctor measured his heart rate (in beats per minute) $6$6 separate times in the space of an hour. They were:


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