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Line, Conversion and Step Graphs

Interactive practice questions

The line graph shows the amount of petrol in a car’s tank.


How much petrol was initially in the tank?

$\editable{}$ litres.


What happened at $9$9am and $1$1pm?

The driver filled the tank.


The amount of petrol being used increased.


The car was travelling at a fast speed.


How much petrol was used between $1$1pm and $5$5pm?


To the nearest hour, when did the petrol in the tank first fall below $18$18 litres?

Approximately $\editable{}$$:$:$00$00

Approx 2 minutes

The graph represents the number of iTunes sales (in millions) and iPod sales (in hundreds of thousands) every 3 months between 2003 and 2007.

The graph shows the cost of sending parcels of various weight overseas.

The graph shows the parking costs over different lengths of time.

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