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Travel Graphs

Interactive practice questions

The graph shown describes Frank's distance from home throughout his journey.

  Distance From Home
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  Time (am)

How far was Frank from home when he started driving at $5$5 am?


How far was he from home by $7$7 am?


How long did he take to rest?


How far did he travel between $7$7 am and $9$9 am?


Was Frank travelling faster in the first two hours (between $5$5 am and $7$7 am) or the last two hours (between $8$8 am and $10$10 am) of his trip?

First two hours


Last two hours

Approx 2 minutes

The graph represents Yvonne's distance from home over a $9$9 minute interval.

The graph shows a train’s distance from the central station throughout the day.

Ben travels forwards and backwards along a straight line.

The graph shows Ben's distance from his starting point at various times of the day.

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