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Wage Deductions and Net Income

Interactive practice questions

For a gross income of $\$52000$$52000, calculate the net income when:


Tax is $\$11100$$11100 and superannuation is $\$2500$$2500


Tax is $\$14000$$14000, superannuation is $\$3200$$3200 and insurance is $\$2600$$2600


Tax is $\$12600$$12600, rent is $\$12500$$12500 and union fees are $\$800$$800

Approx 2 minutes

Bill earns $\$843.50$$843.50 per week and has the following deductions from his gross wage: Tax $\$253.05$$253.05, superannuation $\$85$$85 and union fees $\$25.61$$25.61.

Christa earns $\$2563.65$$2563.65 every two weeks and has the following deductions from her gross wage: tax at $\$559.17$$559.17, superannuation at $\$79$$79 and union fees at $\$22.47$$22.47.

If tax is stated as being $15.9$15.9 cents in the dollar, what percentage tax is this?

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