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Mass Problems


When we want to know how much something weighs, we talk about its 'mass'. Kilograms and grams are the units of measure we use and they are related to each other. We can change from grams to kilograms, or kilograms to grams and the video shows you how.


It can be useful to convert to the same units to help you solve mass questions.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Rewrite $2468$2468 grams in terms of the number of whole kilograms (kg) and grams (g) left over.

  1. $2468$2468 grams = $\editable{}$ whole kg and $\editable{}$ g left over.

Question 2

Sophia is packing her schoolbag for the day.

She packs $2$2 kg of books, $400$400 g of food, and $1400$1400 g of sporting equipment.

  1. What is the total mass of her schoolbag in grams?

Question 3

Mohamad's trampoline can hold a maximum of $90$90 kg of mass.

If Mohamad has some friends over and they each weigh $30$30 kg, how many of them can use the trampoline at once?

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