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Time Problems


We work with time in almost every area of our life, so knowing how to add time, calculate the time between events, or even use a 24 hour clock are important.   Let's look at some common ways we may need to work with time.  

Solving different types of time problems

In the first video, you'll see how to calculate elapsed time, how to add two blocks of time together, as well as how to work out how long you might need to binge-watch your favourite tv show!


Sometimes you may need to know how to use 24 hour time, so this video shows you how to do that. It's only a short video, showing you how you can add or subtract 12, to move between the 12 and 24 hour clock.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Find the value of

$3$3 hours $3$3 minutes $+$+ $3$3 hours $29$29 minutes

  1. $\editable{}$ hours $\editable{}$ minutes

Question 2

A song clip starts playing at $7$7:$55$55 pm and finished at $8$8:$11$11 pm. How long is the song clip in minutes?

Question 3

Amy wants to re-watch every episode of her favourite TV show to prepare for a trivia contest. Each episode is $30$30 minutes long and there are $12$12 episodes.

  1. How many minutes will it take Amy to watch every episode again?

  2. How many hours will it take?


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