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Add missing elements to make a statement true with totals up to 50


Number sentences represent problems in mathematics. 

For example, if you have $12$12 boys and $13$13 girls  in a class, how many students are there all together in the class?  There are $25$25 students in the class.  This could be represented by the number sentence:


When you see an equal sign in a number sentence it means that both sides have to balance, or have the same value.  If both sides balance we say the number sentence is true.

Worked Examples

Question 1

True or false?

  1. $14+28=46$14+28=46





Question 2

Complete the number sentence:

  1. $41-\editable{}=11$41=11

Question 3

Complete the number sentence:

  1. $48-\editable{}=19+16$48=19+16

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