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Add multiples of 100's to single digit numbers


We've already seen how to add multiples of 10's here. Now we are going to add multiples of 100 to a single digit number.

When dealing with a multiple of one hundred we need to consider the units, tens, and hundreds place value. A multiple of 100 is going to have a value in the hundreds place, the number in the hundreds place is how many hundreds there are.

The number 400 is a multiple of 100, there are four 100s.

If we add 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 we get 400.

So to add a multiple of 100 to a single digit number we need to add each step of 100 for as many hundreds there are.

4 + 300 is the same as 4 + 100 + 100 + 100.

let's see a visual representation of this.

Watch the video below to see how.



Worked Examples

Question 1

What is $100+2$100+2?

Question 2

Complete the pattern by adding $100$100 each time.

  1. $4$4, $104$104, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$

Question 3

What is $5+400$5+400?

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