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Subtract multiples of 100's from three digit numbers


We've previously seen how to subtract multiples of 10 from a two digit numbers.

Subtracting multiples of 100 form a three digit number is a similar process, but this time we have to consider three place values; The hundreds, the tens, and the units.

To subtract multiples of 100 from a three digit number we can take the same two approaches. First we can take a step in the negative direction by 100, for every 100 in our multiple of 100.

So if we have the number 542 - 200, we'll need to take 2 steps of 100 in the negative direction.

542 - 100 = 442, then 442 - 100 = 342.

We can also line up our place values, hundreds, tens, and units and then subtract our ones, tens, and hundreds to find our answer.


  Hundreds Tens Units
  $5$5 $4$4 $2$2
- $2$2 $0$0 $0$0
= $3$3 $4$4 $2$2

Watch the following video to see how to do this.


Worked Examples

Example 1


Example 2

Complete the pattern by subtracting $100$100 each time.

  1. $900$900, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$

Example 3

Find $803-500$803500

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