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Volume Problems


Volume is the measure of the space inside a 3 dimensional (solid) shape.

To calculate the volume of cubes or rectangular prisms

$\text{Volume }$Volume $=$= $\text{length }$length $\times$× $\text{width }$width $\times$× $\text{height }$height


We used the applet below to see how the volume of a 3D shape can change and practice calculating what the volume would be.

Watch this video to see how to solve problems involving volume.  


Write the units of measurement (e.g. cm3, m3) at the end of your answer to show you have found a volume.

Worked Examples:


Here is a rectangular prism.

  1. Find its volume.


A tank has a length of $7$7 m, width of $2$2 m and depth of $6$6 m.

  1. Find the volume of the tank in m3.


A box of tissues is in the shape of a rectangular prism. It measures $19$19 cm by $39$39 cm by $11$11 cm.

  1. What is the volume of the box?

  2. A supermarket owner wants to arrange a number of tissues boxes on a shelf such that there are no gaps between the boxes or at either end of the shelf.

    If the shelf at the supermarket is $95$95 cm long, what is the maximum number of tissues boxes that can be organised in this way?



Use appropriate scales, devices, and metric units for length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), temperature, angle, and time

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