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Compare fractions and numbers with decimals in hundredths


Fractions and decimals

When we work with fractions and decimals, it's important to remember that they are two different ways to express a value. While sometimes it might be useful to use fractions, other times it might make more sense to use decimals.


Comparing them

When we wish to compare two numbers, it can be useful to express them both the same way, either in fractions or decimals. Thinking about place value is a great way to do just that, because then we can compare the digits. In Video 1, we'll look at how to visualise fractions and decimals and then compare them.



Making a statement true

Sometimes, we may need to insert a symbol to make a statement true. This means we need to think about whether one side is less than (<), equal to (=), or greater than (>) the other side. If one number is expressed as a fraction, and the other a decimal, it can help to look at them both as either fractions or decimals. In Video 2 we look at how to make a statement true, where we have tenths and hundredths


A number can be expressed as a fraction or a decimal.

When we compare values, we may need to change one of our numbers so that they are both fractions, or both decimals. 


Worked examples

question 1

Choose the smaller value.

  1. $\frac{4}{10}$410




question 2

Choose the larger value.

  1. $0.5$0.5




question 3

Choose the missing symbol to make this a true statement.

  1. $0.69$0.69$\editable{}$$\frac{23}{100}$23100





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