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Number lines and decimals (thousandths)


So far, we have plotted tenths and hundredths on a number line. When we zoomed in, we found we could break $\frac{1}{10}$110 into $10$10 hundredths so we could plot hundredths.


Plotting thousandths

Now we can zoom in further and divide $\frac{1}{100}$1100 into $10$10 equal pieces to show $\frac{10}{1000}$101000, which we can use to plot thousandths.

While the scale and endpoints have changed, we have used the same process to focus on smaller numbers, thousandths. Let's work through some examples of this in the Video 1.

  • $10$10 hundredths make $1$1 tenth.
  • $10$10 thousandths make $1$1 hundredth.


Reading number lines

Now we are ready to read a number line and work out what number has been plotted. Let's work through some examples here. 


Worked Examples

Question 1

Plot $0.003$0.003 on the number line.

  1. 00.0050.01

Question 2

What number is shown on the following number line?


Question 3

Which of these decimals would be furthest to the right on a number line?

  1. $0.012$0.012








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