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Partition Numbers (to 1000)


When we write a number, each digit stands for a different value. When we partition a number, we break it up into these different parts. Can you see the word 'part' in partition? By breaking a number into parts, we can do things like share the number, by sharing each part separately.

Have a look at this video to see some different ways to break up a number, as well as an example showing you how you might use these new parts of your number.


Worked Examples 

question 1

Fill in the box with the missing number.

  1. $394=4+\editable{}$394=4+


question 2

Express $627$627 in expanded form. For example, $145$145 in expanded form is equal to $100+40+5$100+40+5.


question 3

We have written a number in the number expander below.

Number Expander: $5$5 Tens $6$6 Units
  1. What is the value of the units?

  2. What is the value of the tens?

  3. Now look at the number $89$89. What is the value of the tens?

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