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Compare numbers (up to 90000)


Up to 5 digits

Here we will find out whether a number is the same as, smaller than, or bigger than another number. To compare numbers we use certain signs.

= When two numbers are equal or the same, we can use the equals sign.

Example: 2 + 2 = 4 or 4 = 4 

< When one number is smaller than another, we use the "less than" sign. Example: 3 < 5 (The number 3 is less than the number 5)
> When one number is bigger than another, we use the "greater than" sign. Example: 9 > 4 (The number 9 is greater than the number 4)

If we look at the "less than" and "greater than" signs they look like the letter V turned around. An easy way to remember the correct way to write the signs is to remember that the small end always points to the small number. 

Once we have compared numbers, we can order and arrange them in ascending and descending order which we have already looked at in Ordering Numbers. 

Worked examples: 

Question 1

Which is the smallest number?

  1. $57339$57339








question 2

Which number is the largest?

  1. twenty four thousand, seven hundred and ninety four


    twenty two thousand, four hundred and seventy two


question 3

$22490$22490 is less than $23020$23020?

  1. Yes

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