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Order numbers (to 1000)


Ordering using a number line

When we need to put a group of numbers in order, a number line can help us work out which numbers are smaller and which numbers are bigger, or larger.

This video shows you how the number line can help to order our numbers:



Ordering using place value columns

With larger numbers, it helps to think of our place value columns, when working out which numbers are bigger or smaller. Here's a video that shows you how to sort numbers in order using place value.

Now it's your turn to try the example in the video!  


Worked Examples

Question 1

Plot the following numbers on the number lines:

  1. Plot $3$3 on the number line below.


  2. Plot $528$528 on the number line below.


  3. Plot $700$700 on the number line below.


Question 2

We want to work out which of 3 numbers is the biggest.

  1. Plot $620$620 , $520$520 and $720$720 on the number line below:


  2. Write the three numbers from smallest to biggest on one line.


Question 3

Order these numbers from largest to smallest.

  1. $73,33,37$73,33,37


  2. $671,167,617$671,167,617



Check your answer

Here are the numbers from the video example written from largest to smallest:


Did you get the same answer?

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