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3.08 Applications of multiplication and division

Interactive practice questions

Calculate $404\div5$404÷​5 by doing the following.


First, calculate $400\div5$400÷​5


Fill in the boxes with the missing numbers.

$5$5 goes into four hundred and four $\editable{}$ times with a remainder of $\editable{}$

Less than a minute

Calculate $904\div6$904÷​6 by doing the following.

The image shows a group of eggs above the line and a group of eggs below the line.

The attached image shows a row of squares.

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Solve problems involving multiplication of large numbers by one- or two-digit numbers using efficient mental, written strategies and appropriate digital technologies


Solve problems involving division by a one digit number, including those that result in a remainder


Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply appropriate digital technologies to solve problems


Use equivalent number sentences involving multiplication and division to find unknown quantities

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