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3.06 Dividing of three and four digit numbers

Interactive practice questions

Let's use an area model to find the answer to $8024\div8$8024÷​8.


We set up the area model using a rectangle like this.

Total area: $8024$8024

Now if we don't know straight away what $8024\div8$8024÷​8 is, we start with something we do know, like groups of $1000$1000.

Fill in the area used so far if we take out $1000$1000 groups of $8$8.

$8$8 $\editable{}$
Total area: $8024$8024

How much area is remaining?

$8$8 $8000$8000 $\editable{}$
Total area: $8024$8024

What is the width of the second rectangle?

  $1000$1000 $\editable{}$
$8$8 $8000$8000 $24$24
  Total area: $8024$8024

Using the area model above, what is $8024\div8$8024÷​8?

Approx a minute

Let's use an area model to find the answer to $6096\div6$6096÷​6.

Calculate $4000\div2$4000÷​2 by doing the following.

We're going to break $7130$7130 into $6000+1000+120+10$6000+1000+120+10 to calculate $7130\div2$7130÷​2.

Follow these steps.

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