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Quadratic Identities

Interactive practice questions

Given that $ax^2-15x+25=\left(2x-5\right)\left(x-5\right)$ax215x+25=(2x5)(x5) for all values of $x$x, solve for $a$a.

Approx 2 minutes

Given that $3x^2+4x-2$3x2+4x2$\equiv$$a\left(x-3\right)^2+b\left(x-3\right)+c$a(x3)2+b(x3)+c for all real $x$x, answer the following.

Given that $x^2+6x+14=a\left(x+b\right)^2+c$x2+6x+14=a(x+b)2+c for all real values of $x$x, answer the following.

Consider the identity $a\left(x-4\right)+b\left(7-x\right)=3x-4$a(x4)+b(7x)=3x4.

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