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Grade 5

Time difference II


We already looked at how to find time differences. Now we are going to use this knowledge to solve problems involving time. 


Question 1

Find the value of: 

$7$7 hours $7$7 minutes $+$+ $11$11 hours $34$34 minutes

  1. $\editable{}$ hours $\editable{}$ minutes

Question 2

A taxi departs at 13:32 from Sydney and arrives at 20:14 at Melbourne. How long did the taxi take for the trip?

  1. The trip took $\editable{}$ hour(s) and $\editable{}$ minute(s)

Question 3

A train ride between two cities takes $9$9 hours and $57$57 minutes. On a train ride between these cities, if you leave one city at $23$23$:$:$44$44, at what time will you arrive at the other city?

Give your answer in $24$24 hour time.

  1. Time of arrival $=$= $\editable{}$$:$:$\editable{}$



Estimate and determine elapsed time, with and without using a time line, given the durations of events expressed in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years

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