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Hours, minutes and seconds


Seconds, minutes, and hours all are units of time. The smallest unit of the three is seconds. A second is approximately the time between 2 heartbeats. it takes $60$60 seconds to make up $1$1 minute, and it takes $60$60 minutes to make up an hour.

Knowing this relationship helps us to convert between seconds, minutes, and hours.

We can use multiplication and division to change between them.

If we want to know how many seconds are in $5$5 minutes of time, we can multiply that by $60$60 seconds because there are $60$60 seconds for each minute. $5\times60=300$5×60=300, so there are $300$300 seconds in $5$5 minutes.


Watch this video to see a couple examples.

$1$1 Week $=$= $7$7 Days
$1$1 Day $=$= $24$24 Hours
$1$1 Hour $=$= $60$60 Minutes
$1$1 Minute $=$= $60$60 Seconds

Worked Examples

Example 1

Write the missing number in the box.

  1. There are $\editable{}$ seconds in $1$1 minute.


Example 2

It takes around $300$300 minutes to drive from Sydney to Thredbo.

How many hours is this?


Example 3

Han boils an egg for $360$360 seconds.

  1. How many minutes is this?



Estimate, measure (i.e., using an analogue clock), and represent time intervals to the nearest second

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