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Grade 5

Order numbers (10000 to 50000)


Here we will compare numbers that have up to $5$5 digits. Remember that when we compare numbers we need to look at the digit in the largest place value first. Then we can order and compare numbers in ascending (smallest to largest) or descending (largest to smallest) order, which we looked at in Ordering Numbers to 10000. There were also some special symbols we could use:

$>$> means "is greater than" 

$<$< means "is less than"


Which number is larger? 

Have a go at comparing some numbers using the widget below. Try producing two $5$5 digit numbers, writing them down then working out which one is larger than the other. Try using the > and < symbols to represent this. You can investigate what the size of each digit is by dragging them around. (Here's how you can do this -  )


Question 1

Which number is the largest?

  1. $58585$58585


    fifty nine thousand, seven hundred and ninety five


Question 2

Order these numbers from largest to smallest.

  1. $13345,14533,14335$13345,14533,14335


  2. $37508,30758,37058$37508,30758,37058


question 3 

$22490$22490 is less than $23020$23020?

  1. Yes



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